Airport City Association

Splendid architecturally designed high rise glass buildings across the Airport City is a beauty to behold, the magnificent structures and developments within the vicinity of the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) is the best International business center in the Country.

Airport City Accra is powered by the Airport City Association (ACA) and the Ghana Airport Co. Ltd. Since the inception of ACA in 2016, it has led in rehabilitating infrastructure and the spirit of the Airport City. Putting the city into order was its first move, by clearing the City of hawkers, squatters, Etc. The Association moved on to fix the streetlights, improve security and sanitation.

The Airport City Accra is a modern urban development concept and expands the commercial component of the Airport business portfolio. The Association aspires to create an atmosphere that respects the environment, building owners and clients, promote technology and deliver exceptional service through precision execution and innovative leadership. We are uniquely positioned to service the Africa Continental Free leadership. We are uniquely positioned to service the Africa Continental Free Trade Secretariat and Business.

The Airport City Association envisions to airport city, building owners and clients.

The objections of ACA:

  • To manage Airport City Common Service Areas.
  • To maintain high security protocol.
  • To provide a network of building owners and tenants.
  • To market Airport City Accra.

Airport City Association has birthed the Airport City Accra Business Network (ACA-BN). Visit and complete a membership form. For more information, contact ACA on or call 0506521445.

For an exponential growth in your business and enhance corporate image, relocate to the Airport City.


Kweku S. ADZRAKU (Executive Secretary / City Manager Airport City Accra)