Star Properties

Star Garden

  • It is located opposites the main entrance into the gated community.
  • It has a green area and a multi-purpose court serving the gated community.
  • It will be maintained by Star Property Management.
  • Star Garden offers a beautiful landscape view within the gated community.
Star Properties

Pond Derry

  • It a man-made pond constructed purposely for irrigation.
  • It is location a few paces away from Star Garden.
  • Pond Derry will direct all surface run-over water, channeling it to meet the mainstream
Star Properties

Star Lake

  • It is a man-made lake created for irrigation and recreational purposes.
  • It has a boat and sitting area which will be patronized by the residents.
  • Its edges have been stone-pitched (Achimota stone) to give it an appealing design and also to act as a guard against erosion.
  • Star Lake boast of a small bridge to facilitate movement to the boat and sitting area.
  • It also boasts of an upper and lower dam view which will facilitate the irrigation of plants.
  • Star Lake has an adjustable spillway which will channel out the excess water to join the drains.