Star Properties

Rules And Regulations

The following are municipal bye-laws enforceable at Star Properties, in the Municipality of Adenta, in the Republic of Ghana. They are meant to promote quality environment, safety and hygiene at Star Properties.

  • Plots must be developed according to zoning designations (for example: one cannot build a store in a residential area even if the store is one room of the house).
  • All building drawings shall be approved and adopted by Star Properties Architects before construction can commence.
  • A plot not developed after two years shall be re-entered by Star Properties and the purchase price shall be refunded to the sub-lessee less any administrative charges.
  • Where a sub-lessee intends to sell an undeveloped plot, Star Properties shall be given the first option to purchase the said plot.
  • A plot may be resold or re-entered by Star Properties if left undeveloped for two or more years.
  • Right of Entry or Security Pass must be presented to security at the main entrance.
  • Roads and pathways(sidewalks) must be kept clear.
  • Dumping of sand, stone, or other construction material is not allowed on road, pathways and public spaces.
  • Non-compliance with the above two rules may result in the confiscation of the above material and payment of penalty not exceeding USD 100.00
  • No mining of sand/stone from roads, or public property, otherwise it will be confiscated.
  • Leaseholders should maintain garden of property.
  • Leaseholders should service sewer lines and septic tanks connected to their property.
  • Leaseholders should not allow any tree, hedge, or other obstruction to obstruct sidewalk.
  • Leaseholders should maintain the fence wall and house on their property.
  • Leaseholders should maintain the same colour of their house on the exterior.
  • No kiosk, or other structures are allowed on public property.
  • No hawking or selling around in the Estate.
  • Selling on the street and walkways is not allowed.
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