Technical Training

Continues Technical Development

Silver Star Tower Ltd offers tailored theoretical and technical development role specific training in the various construction trades and more. Participants will learn from our team of talented and experienced professionals who will exchange knowledge , skills and experiences.
We offer training in the following although not limited to these:
1. Painting and Decoration
2. Security
3. Electrical
4. Gardening
5. Health and Safety
6. Property Management
7. Masonry and Tiling
8. Plumbing

The training programs are open to:
1. Students (looking to acquire technical skills in construction
2. Contractors & apprentices looking to sharpen their skills and add to their knowledge
3. Companies
4. GREDA & NON-GREDA members



Kindly note:
1. Courses cost GHS 300.00 for full day courses (which includes lunch and coco break
2. A GHS 200 fee for a half day cost (includes coco break
3. Training material (notebooks and pens) will be provided for and participants will be examined after the course. A 65% pass mark is expected
4. Training schedule will be announced at the beginning of the year and broadcasted on the various social media platforms.

For further enquiries please contact us on:
Email :
Mobile : (+233) 24 099 8091 / (+233) 50 172 9284

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