Run Ghana

Run Ghana is an NGO aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among Corporate Workers and Families. This we do, through the organization of our annual events (Corporate Run and Family Fun Run)

We have been in existence since 2010 and have been dedicate since then, to organize our Run Events tailored specifically for Corporate Workers and Families so as to ensure our commitment of promoting a healthy lifestyle among Corporate Workers and Families.


 VISION – To be known as the leading body that provides grounds for a healthy lifestyle among Families and Corporate Staff.

MISSION – To promote Corporate, Family Health and Institutional Welfare: one event at a time.


  1. To see a 70% to 80% national Visibility in the next 5 years.
  2. To become a top consultant for Running Sports in Ghana.
  3. To be recognized as an authoritative body committed to the promotion of Corporate and Family Health within the next 3 years.
  4. To become a reference center in the field of information and logistics for running sports events within the nearest possible time.
Corporate Run 2023 - Overall Results

For the many years after its commissioning as a commercial building, the Silver Star Tower Complex has coupled as the Ideal Business Location and a prime venue for Corporate, Classical and Cultural Events. Among the many events hosted over the years, is the Afro Paradise X Til TWO, The Ghana Event Awards, The Joy FM 90s Jam, and the e.TV Ghana & Japan Motors Corporate Run just to name a few. Since the Incorporation of Run Ghana, the event house that organizes the e.TV Ghana & Japan Motors Corporate Run as an NGO in 2010, the event has been held10 successive times at the Silver Star Tower all the while, enjoying generous sponsorships from its host. Being an annual event and a having become a corporate tradition for its patrons, it became a disappointment when the 10th edition was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, a private version was held for the top executives of the participating companies over the years. In all, there were 25 VIP participants gracing the event and 25 individuals specially invited and participating in the capacity as Corporate Teams; all of whom were in strict observance of the COVID-19 safety measures. Per-tradition, a brief recognition ceremony was held to acknowledge the top finishers. The top 3 Male CEOs were commended as well as the top 2 Female Finishers.

The top 3 Corporate Teams were also commended with The Silver Star Tower Corporate Team coming on Top as the 1st Fastest Corporate Team followed by the Advance Construction & Dev. Ltd. coming as the 2nd and lastly, the Lakeside Estate Corporate team coming out as the 3rd Fastest Corporate team. From the commitment of the Run Ghana event house to the Ghana Blind Union, there was the usual donation as always. Before then, a special donation was done where a custom Touch-less hand washing mechanism “Run Ghana Bucket” was donated after which, the post event donation came. The donation is part of our CSR activity and is aimed at fostering a unique bond with the Ghana Blind Union Secretariat as well as our visually challenged companions. The Director of the Ghana Blind Union was at the event to express their gratitude for our commitment to the Secretariat over the years.

In a brief address during this year’s event, the Executive Director of the Silver Star Tower acknowledged patrons of the event and indicated as a summary note, that Japan Motors and e.TV Ghana are committed to contributing to a robust Ghanaian Society through initiatives such as the annual Corporate Run which is aimed at fostering networking as well as promoting corporate health and fitness in a fun way.