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Silver Star Tower II

Silver Star Tower (SST), which has been the nerve centre for local and international business in Ghana has hit 15 years of incredible success. Obviously, SST has always been the most ideal business address in uptown Accra. Hence, it been become imperative to expand our service by erecting another iconic and elegant building on the 2 acre plot of SST which will be named “Silver Star Tower II”.  As part of our efforts to make SST II a prime location for businesses, the building is designed to have distinguished features. The building plan of SST II is an ultra-modern curvilinear design often (10) storeys, with

spaces. Silver Star Tower II (SST2) will also have three (3) major lifts for public use and one (1) lift for service purposes. The building is planned to occupy 27,000 square metres which makes a more efficient and habitable building with features like LED lights, internal garden and the utmost glass technology among others. In order to help enhance the smooth running of businesses, the first two (2) floors will be dedicated to retail businesses. Other technical

details of the building will include a total non-covered parking which can take about 22 cars and a total covered parking space for 355 cars.

3rd basement4,122 sqmCar Park {121cars} 
2nd basement4,122 sqmCar Park {120 cars} 
1st basement4,122 sqm  Car Park {114 cars}
Lower ground floor2,881 sqm35 cars and banking hall
Upper ground floor1,643 sqmBanking halls & showroom space
1st floor1,395 sqmOffice space
2nd, 3rd & 4th floors1,395 sqmOffice space
5th floor957 sqmOffice space
6th & 7th floors929 sqmOffice space
8th floor929 sqmOffice space
9th floor 869 sqmOffice space
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Total non-covered parking                              22 cars
  • Total covered parking                                     355 cars
  • Build up area above ground                            13,303 sqm
  • Build up area underground                             12,366 sqm
  • Total construction area                                    25,669 sqm