Interview with Edmund Bertino Baabereyir, Head of Real Estates at Stanbic Bank.

Good morning Sir. Please state your name, the company you work for and your position at this company?

  • Edmund Bertino Baabereyir.

Head of Real Estates at Stanbic Bank Ghana.

How long has your company been at Silver Star Towers?

  • Stanbic Bank has been operating its Airport City branch for the past 13 years from the Silver Star

what stood out about Silver Star Tower that Influenced your decision in choosing them?

  • One important consideration for businesses is the choice of its location. The choice of Silver Star Tower for our business is because the TOWER provides a first class business environment for our Stanbic Bank and its strategic position along the

Liberation Road makes it not only visible but also its close proximity to the Kotoka International Airport makes it an ideal place for the businesses. As a result of its unique location the building currently houses a mix of both local and international


How has your experience been at Silver Star Towerhas your experience been at Silver Star Tower?

  • As a bank we have had a good working relationship with management of the Silver Star Towers. The landlord has a highly motivated professional team who provide maintenance support for the building. The turn-around time for the maintenance team is one of the best in the market. The landlord’s quarterly meetings with tenants provide the ideal platform for information sharing and feedback.

How has your business improved since you moved to silver star?

  • The location provides one of the best business environment for our business. Its strategic location makes it easy for our clients to identify our brand. The business location in the Silver Star Towers contributes significantly to our bottom line.

What has been the feedback from your clientele since you set up office at SST? Has it been positive or negative?

  • The feedback has been positive as our clients are not just happy with our innovative product offerings but also the ease at which that are able to connect with our business location. The partnership has been mutually beneficial.

Would you recommend Silver Star Tower to any of your business associates, reasons for your answer?

  • Silver Star Towers has one of the best business address in the Airport City. The management is client centric and a very proactive. The scheduled regular tenant meetings provide relevant information for all tenants and will not hesitate to recommend the Silver star Towers to any prospective tenant who is considering taking an office especially within the Airport city enclave.